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Kabod is a Christian believer social community app. Our mission is to bring focus to relevant content minus the fails, frills, and cat videos of other social platforms.

We are launching with specific categories and topics to open meaningful discussions, learning, and prayer among the members.

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What’s in the name?

Kabod is a Hebrew word that means “Weighty or Heavy Glory of God.” It showcases something heavy which glorifies God’s grace. In addition, the term also implies Reputation, Dignity, or Wealth, which are very similar to glory.

Kabod: The Glory Archive

One can easily be lost in this vast pool of information with an onslaught of knowledge and revelation in the believer community. When the Lord gave us the assignment, the narrative was obvious.

To create a safe platform for everyone to share what the Lord has taught them, unfiltered, uncontrolled, and undiluted.

To segregate and classify the revelations of God and make them easily accessible to everyone who needs it.

To build a Global community of like-minded believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, so we can help each other fulfill our God-given destiny.

Let’s – Share, Learn, Grow & Mature.