Miniature Angels & Their Kingdom

Miniature Angels Their Kingdom
To Him who alone does great wonders, For His lovingkindness is everlasting; To Him who made the heavens with skill, For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

During my morning prayer, something just popped up in my spirit. Holy Spirit inspired me to write about this encounter I had a few years ago.

I was waltzing through the heaven, humming a tune, familiarising myself with the beautiful surroundings. Out of nowhere appeared a small, timid looking fawn who walked up and sat beside me, striking a casual conversation.

The “wind” and the “clouds”, who were also present, were being rather naughty that day. The “wind” gently picked me up, forming a chair out of itself and seated me comfortably on it. Without a moment’s notice in a swift, fast motion it took me on a “wind slide” ride. This elated feeling was much like an after effect of a roller coaster ride, and left me gasping for breath.

The cloud, also wanting its share of fun, placed me on its soft, white, fluffy mass, throwing me up in the air and catching me on my way down, many times. I laughed and enjoyed it, unapologetically. They seemed amused themselves and smiled gleefully as I cooperated in their playfulness.

Instantly, I was then transported to another part of heaven. I couldn’t believe what I saw and rubbed my eyes, hoping to get a better view. Like that was going to help- silly me.

I saw miniature angels, a handful of them, excitedly welcoming me to their kingdom. These angels, looked like tiny fairies, gleaming with intense light, making them seem like they were created out of pure gold light. They were almost the size of a honey bee, only a notch bigger.

Their tiny wings fluttered constantly, as they joined their hands humbly, bowing their heads- in a gesture of a warm welcome. The tiny crowns on their heads were beautifully carved and fit so beautifully on their heads, suggesting they were royals. Royal miniature Angels.

There, before me, I saw a tiny kingdom- almost out of a fairy tale book.

The entire kingdom barely seemed a few feet in diameter. But the details, oh how wonderful they looked. It was as though someone held this kingdom on a round platter and set them right in front of my eyes. I looked gigantic before them in comparison, which is a stark contrast to the other parts of heaven where the Angels are towering over me.

The whole kingdom glistened and sparked with warm gold light. The tiny, yet majestic mountains surrounded the kingdom, which was perfectly set within. The light blue river flowing seamlessly from in-between the mountains towards the city, glistened under the diffused light. Tiny, lush green trees with juicy colourful fruits, were planted all over in an orderly manner.

The details on their mansions were incredible-the windows, doors and roofs all unique . Tiny roads connected the various parts of this city, and they had fancy cars and other vehicles that manoeuvred on them.Tiny creatures lived in harmony with the rest of them.

Everything minute detail was given importance and was so well planned. It was a full fledged functional city, only smaller in size.

The Angels looked like small people, minus the wings, dressed according to the work they did. Some were farming and dressed in simpler clothes, but those of higher rank and authority were dressed accordingly.

In the middle of this gorgeous city, there was a magnificent palace, resplendent with tiny water fountains, and lovely colourful gardens. I saw the king of this city walk from inside the palace to greet me. He wore a long colourful robe and had a long white beard. His royal crown had precious gems in it and there was an air of authority around him. The whole city gathered around the palace, and waited in silent excitement for the King to speak. “We welcome you to our kingdom, Bride of Christ”, the king said, smiling at me with arms open wide.

Suddenly everyone burst into a festive mode, dancing and singing, much like a folklore and a folk dance. They held each other at the waist and moved in harmony, while the others swirled around them, giving me a delightful performance.

The royal kitchen churned out an amazing array of dishes, filling the whole place with divine aroma. They offered me a something that looked like giant donut, and many of chefs had to carry it together one a long platter, as it was too big for one to carry it. When they offered it, to me it looked liked a tiny piece of bread, the size of one sugar crystal. They also offered me something that looked like wine to drink, in a golden goblet, barely fitting between my large fingers.

I ate and drank respectfully and thanked them for their love and respect, promising to visit soon!

I marvelled at the creation of our Father.

Nothing that the Father creates is without a purpose. So I asked my dear friend Holy Spirit, why these miniature Angels were created by the Father.

The answer I got was fascinating!

In the final war of Armageddon between Lord Jesus and His armies and satan and his army, a physical battle is literally going to be take place in Jerusalem, Israel. In the course of the war many warriors, who are saints of the Lord Jesus, will be injured because of the fierce, raging battle.

The miniature Angels will accompany the warriors in the battlefield, totally oblivious to them. The Angels are so tiny and well hidden, that the enemies will not be able to spot them.

These Angels are equipped with tiny sack like pouches, which is filled with the healing Blood of the Lord Jesus. When warriors are physically injured, they will minister the healing drops of Blood of Jesus directly on the wounds and the warriors are instantly healed and renewed, even as they are in deep warfare.

Many warriors will not notice what happened, but they will feel a new lease of life come upon them, as they fight with greater strength of the Lord.

How thoughtful our dear Lord is! Who can grasp His vast understanding and deep love for us.

We can’t help but go on our knees, thanking the Lord and worshipping Him for who He is!!

Reference Verses

4To Him who alone does great wonders, For His lovingkindness is everlasting; 5To Him who made the heavens with skill, For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

Psalm 136:4,5

He that makes the earth by his power, he that orders the world with his wisdom and extends the heavens with his intelligence.

Jeremiah 10:12