Love Expressed!

God is waiting to pour out His love for you in ways you can never imagine. Would you give my Beloved a chance show you?

What is more intriguing, I wonder sometimes, is it how much the Lord loves us or is it the creative ways in which he shows His love for us?

I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and saviour 13 years ago. I always felt I missed our Heavenly father’s love for most part of my life, and subconsciously, I am always trying to make up for the lost time.

One fine morning I woke up to feeling of experiencing the Lord in a new way and said “Father, I want to be pampered today”.

I have asked for this many times in the past and have been pleasantly surprised each time. The Lord is unique and creative every time in expressing His love for me. I waited with an abated breath, looking forward to another great experience.

Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me.

I sat on the Father’s lap as he snugly held me in his arms. Father God likes to rub his nose against my face, gently and playfully as His white soft beard tickles me. I seized the moment and said “Father, I want to be pampered today”

Father set me down as he stood up from His throne, adhering to my childish requests. He walked up ahead of me and motioned me to join Him.

I took a step forward and felt something cool and soft under my feet. I looked down under my feet, astonished to find a beautiful, bright orange flower, as big as my feet. I took another step forward and another flower appeared from nowhere, right under it. The flower didn’t get crushed, nor did it show any signs of distress while holding me up. A whole path lit up with these flowers showing up as my landing zone.

Father God walked ahead with His arms crossed behind His back, smiling to himself, as I stared in wonder, too dazed to fathom. He knew how much I loved flowers.

In a distance I saw the Lord Jesus seated on His swing in the middle of His garden. The sight of Jesus made my heart leap. This is one place that felt like home, amidst a large and strikingly beautiful garden.

Father God said, “Go to your Beloved, he is waiting for you”.

My joy knew no bounds as I ran to be with the one I love.

Jesus flashed his most dazzling smile, inviting me to sit with Him on His swing. The ropes which held the swing had the most beautiful flowers wrapped around it, in various hues. The fragrance of the flowers mingled with the divine aroma of Jesus was simply exhilarating. As I leaned over to rest my head on the Lord’s shoulder, Jesus lovingly put His arm around me, drawing me nearer. I could live this moment forever, and was hoping it would never end.

After what seemed like a while, Jesus turned towards me and did something totally unexpected. He started to braid my long lustrous hair. Jesus fashioned my hair in a very beautiful and one-of-a-kind braid that I had never seen before. Jesus playfully joked and said “its the latest fashion” as He put together finishing touches to His masterpiece.

I was blushing…

Jesus then held my hand and started to paint my nails. The nail polish had a very subtle blue with a slight shimmer to it. I looked at my nails and noticed a small, perfectly rounded, sparkling diamond on each of my finger nail. Every time Jesus dipped the nail polish brush into its bottle, a small diamond came along with the brush, which Jesus placed on the nail like an expert. 

Jesus seemed pleased with His handiwork, as He moved on to gently cupping my feet in His tender hands. He painted my toe nails too.

At that moment, nothing mattered. Not even the fact that He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The only thing that mattered was His unconditional love for me, and that I loved Him.

Jesus and I walked hand in hand to the Father’s house, where everything is made of pure, gleaming golden rays of light. From the stairs at the entrance to the sofas in the Father’s living room, every thing is made of pure golden light. He truly is the Father of Glory!

We walked across the long hallway which led to a cosy table for four. I saw the Father waiting for us with a small array of snacks and a hot beverage (could be coffee, not sure though! Didn’t really matter!!).

The table had ‘L’ shaped double seaters and one single seat on the other Side of the table. I sat in the corner, which was the best seat actually. Jesus was on my right, Father God on my left, and my dear friend Holy Spirit sat before me. We were like a family, a very affectionate and protective family.

We did have a some lovely conversations together, of which, unfortunately, you dear reader are not privy to!

Oh how wonderful this was! And how privileged I am to experience this eternal Love of God…

God is waiting to pour out His love for you in ways you can never imagine. Would you give my Beloved a chance show you?